Alumni Club, Anna University

Address : No.1, Boat Club Road, Ill Avenue, Chennai-28
Registered Office : No.1, Boat Club Road, IIl Avenue, Chennai-28.
Date of Formation : 30.03.1993 (Registered vide S.No.173 of 1993 under the Tamil Nadu Societies Registration Act, 1975)
Office Hours : 11.00 a.m. 8.00 p.m.
Jurisdiction : The District Registrar, Chennai


The objects of the Club are:
7.1. To promote educational activity like arranging lectures, seminars, competitions, granting awards, scholarships, aid and subsidy.
7.2. To maintain library and provide reading facilities on all types of books and video /audio cassettes on science, engineering, arts, fiction, etc., of all languages.
7.3. To encourage sports and recreation activities.
7.4. To create and encourage a fellow feeling and co-operation among the Alumni of Anna University.
7.5. To collect, classify and circulate statistics and other information relating to commercial interest in
7.6. To acquire by purchase, gift, lease or otherwise, lands and buildings and properties, movables and immovable which the Club may from time to time think proper to acquire for fulfilling the objects of the Club.
7.7. To borrow or raise money with or without security, or guarantee, or to receive money at interest, or otherwise in such manner as the Club may think fit and as security for any such money so borrowed raised or received to mortgage, pledge or change the whole or any part of the property, assets or revenues of the Club present or future necessary for fulfilling any of the objects of the Club.
7.8. To gather all the technical and scientific innovations that have been developed already all over the country and to utilise and apply the same and to improve upon and to innovate new type of equipment and industrial apparatus needed to develop industries in the country, to utilise the energy and skill talent and dynamism amongst the members of the Club and to prepare and publish such suitable bookson each such industry and also to promote and establish educational courses for such vocational work.
7.9. To publish scientific, technical, vocational and general educational literature in Indian languages.
7.10. To arrange practical training in the various establishments and industrial units and workshops that are available in India and to prepare the necessary personnel for operating and manipulating such Industrial establishments as may grow, according to the needs, skills and capacities of the members of the Club.
7.11. To help or render financial assistance to individuals who are poor, needy and deserving and to similar institutions.
7.12. To carry on all objects mentioned above and also every other act and thing that may be required for the purposes of propagating and developing technical, scientific, vocational and general education leading to constructive work amongst the members of the Club and to do all or any of these things and any other thing that may be determined from time to time.
7.13. To charge and receive fees from the members who avail the facilities of the Club and to charge for all services that may be rendered by the Club at such rates as may be determined from time to time by the Managing Committee.
7 .14. To organize, establish and to create institutions and to affiliate them to this body and to encourage, finance, organise, facilitate and conduct educational cultural activities as may be found necessary for the fulfillment of the objects of the Club.
7.15. To produce, print, publish, circulate and distribute at equitable prices such literary, scientific and technical materials in shape of books, periodicals, journals, circular letter etc. and any such things, as may be found necessary for the fulfillment of the objects hitherto written.
7.16. To accept gifts, donations, benefactions etc. from any person or persons, associations, clubs, institutions, societies, companies, organizations and State / Central Governments.
7.17. To give donations to organizations or institutions, that may have and work out similar objects as those of this Club and to individuals for facilitating the evolutionary development of their personality, in conformity with the objects of the Club.
7 .18. To conduct sports meets, train, institute awards and prizes, develop sports arena stadium, pool and their facilities.
7.19. To conduct and organize competitions and to give prizes and testimonials to the winners from time to time.
7.20. The income and property of the Club, however derived shall be applied solely towards the promotion of the objects of the Club as set forth in the Memorandum of Association and no portion thereof shall be paid or transferred directly or indirectly by way of dividend or bonus or otherwise however as profit to the persons who at any time, are or have been members of the Club or to any of them or to any person claiming through or under any of them.
Provided, that nothing herein contained prevent the payment in good faith of remuneration or allowance or honorarium to officers or servants of the Club or to any members thereof or other persons in return for any service actually rendered to the Club, or the payment of interest on money borrowed from any member of the Club.
7.21. The benefits of the Club are open to all members irrespective of caste, religion, sex etc., and the activities of the Club will be within India.
7.22. To do all such other lawful things as are conductive or incidental to the attainment of the above objects and in furthering the grow Club of the.


8.1 All Alumni of Anna University Constituent colleges who have completed full degree courses only shall be entitled for membership provided such membership has been approved by the managing Committee of the Club and provided that they have paid the prescribed fees for such membership. Members of the respective Alumni Associations only are eligible for membership. (A.G.M.-29.6.1997)
All Alumni of Anna University Constituent Colleges as existed then and as per the registration done on 30.03.1993 (indicated below) who have completed full degree courses only shall be only entitled for membership provided that they have paid the prescribed fees for such membership. Members of respective Alumni Associations only are eligible for membership.
a) College of Engineering, Guindy.
b) Madras Institute of Technology, .Chromepet.
c) Alagappa College of Technology, Guindy.
d) School of Architecture and Planning, Guindy. (A.G.M. 29.06.2003).
8.1.1 All eligible Alumni of Anna University applying for Membership to the Club shall be proposed and seconded by existing members of the Club. Members can propose and second not more than two applicants in a calendar year. (A.G.M. 29.06.1997)
8.2. The Managing Committee may invite any distinguished Engineer/architect or any other professional in discipline prevalent in Anna University for Honorary Membership for life. At any time the number of Honorary Members shall not exceed ten. .The Managing Committee shall induct only two members per year. (A.G.M.-24.06.2001)
8.2.1. The Honorary Member's spouse will enjoy similar privileges during the currency of Membership of the Honorary Member. In case of unfortunate demise of the Honorary Member, his spouse will be offered ordinary Membership on payment of Admission fee prevailing at the time of admission as Honorary Member, provided the Honorary Member was an Alumnus of Anna University.
8.3. Faculty members of Anna University may be admitted to membership, during their service, on payment of the prescribed fees.
8.3.1. Faculty members become eligible for membership only after his or her probation period is successfully completed and appointed as a regular employee of one of the four constituent institutions (as per the club Rules and Regulations)of the Anna University. The member should provide confirmation from the Registrar of Anna University regarding his employment status.
8.4. Membership of the Club will normally be for the lifetime of the member. In the event of the demise of any member, the spouse of such member will automatically be made a member, without any further application or payment of entrance fees, for the lifetime of the spouse.
8.5. Resignation from membership which must be preceded by the settlement of all arrears due to the Club shall be conveyed to the Secretary in writing. A letter of resignation may, however, be withdrawn within six months of its receipt .A member whose resignation is thus withdrawn shall be restored to his former rights and privileges without readmission fees provided that he shall have paid such subscription as may be due from him for the period between the date of the letter of resignation and the date of the restoration to his former rights and privileges.
8.6. The Club shall maintain a separate Register of Members in which the names of the persons admitted as members shall be entered with all particulars regarding the address of the members, the date of admission and the date of the person ceasing to be a member.
8.7. There shall be a class of membership called Institution Membership. It is open to firms, companies, public sector undertakings and educational Institutions in the technological field located in Chennai city to sponsor their resident executives for Institution Membership not exceeding one member from each Institution. An Institution can terminate the member of its nominee and sponsor any other executive on the vacancy caused. (E.G.M. 2.4.1995)
8.7.1. A Candidate for Institution Member must be proposed by one member and seconded by two other members who must be personally known to them. The admission of Institution Member must be supported by at least six members of the Managing Committee.
8.7.2. The admission fee shall be Rs.3,00,000/- (Rupees ~ Three Lakh only) per member. No further entrance fee shall be charged for the successor nominee until the expiry of ten years from the date of admission of first nominee. (A.G.M. 29.6.2012)
8.7.3. The number of Institution Members shall not exceed 50 at any time.
8.7.4. Institutions sponsoring members shall be held responsible for the payment of bills of such Members.
8.7.5. Institution Members shall pay monthly subscription and other dues as paid by members.
8.7.6. Institution Members shall enjoy all privileges as members except that they shall not have right to vote on any occasion, nor have the power to propose or second any candidate for election, nor sign any requisition for General Body Meetings, nor be eligible to serve on any Committee.
8.8. A Member may bequeath his/her Membership to his ward (son/daughter) provided the ward is an ALUMNUS of Anna University. The Management Committee of the Alumni Club shall decide the modalities of such a bequest, to be made by the Alumni Club member. (A.G.M. 30.6.1996)
8.9. The Club can admit about 100 temporary members who are Alumni of Anna University and are residing abroad.The temporary membership is offered for a period of two to three months (minimum two, maximum three)once in a calendar year for a membership fee of Rs.l ,OOO/-per month (payable in advance). This fees does not include payment or charges towards bar, catering, sports, guests etc. A caution deposit of Rs. 3,000/- is also payable in advance. (A.G.M. 29.6.1997)
8.10. NRI Members who are alumni of the four constituent colleges of Anna University would be inducted initially on a one-time admission fee of US $ 2500 and a deposit of US $ 750 to be used for postage and payment of bills. Their spouse and wards can use the facilities as per rules applicable to regular members. The Minimum Billing and Yearly subscription will not apply to this category of membership


9.1 All members, except honorary members will be required to pay a non-refundable admission fees of. Rs. 80,000- Plus taxes - applicable at the time of admission and make a formal application for admission, agreeing to abide by the rules and code of conduct for member of the Club,in force from time to time. (A.G.M.- 26.06.2012).
9.2. Admission / Entrance fee, Deposit, Yearly Subscription and Minimum billing are not applicable to any Honorary Member. All other charges will apply.
9.3. Faculty members of Anna University in service may be admitted to membership on payment of Rs. 16,000/- -Plus taxes - applicable at the time of admission as admission fee, and make a formal application for admission ,agreeing to abide by the rules and code of conduct for member of the club in force from time to time and such membership being co-terminus with their service in the University. (A G.M. 26.06.2012)
9.3.1. Faculty members who are also the Alumni of Anna University may continue their membership as regular member on payment of the difference in the prescribed entrance fees for the regular members in force at the time of their admission as faculty member (A.G.M.-29.6.2003)
9.3.2. A Faculty Member who is not an alumnus of Anna University shall be considered for regular
membership provided he has completed 25 years of service in Anna University and he has completed 5 years of membership in the Club on payment of difference in the prescribed entrance fee for the regular member in force at the time of their admission as faculty member. However above referenced 5 years stipulation is relaxed for those who retire from service. (A.G.M. 29.06.2003)
9.3.3. Faculty members cannot continue as faculty members of the club once they retire/resign from Anna University. They should inform the club within one month from the date of their retirement or resignation. They should inform the club and ask for conversion as regular member if they wish to continue as member of our club by payment of the difference in conversion fees ,subject to the relevant bye-laws of the club. (A.G.M. 29.06.2003)
9.4. All members will be required to pay an annual subscription of Rs.3,OOO/-plus taxes as applicable per annum and also other charges for service rendered for athletics and other cilities.(A.G.M.-29.06.2008)
9.4.1. For a one-time life Subscription Alumni Members have to pay an amount equivalent to 10 times the prevailing Annual Subscription. (E.G.M.-15.02.1998)
9,4.2. Life Subscription is not applicable for new members for 5 years from the date of their joining. A.G.M. (24-06-2001).
9.4.3. For one time life subscription for senior citizens (65 years and above) Alumni Members have to pay an equivalent to 5 times the prevailing Annual Subscription (A.G.M. - 4.6.2006).
9.5. The dues of the Club, whether subscription or for services rendered shall be paid in full within 30 days of the date of the bill. (E.G.M.-02.04.1995).
9.5.1. Payment for bills: In the event of a cheque being returned to the club for insufficient funds the
subsequent payment for the said amount and any other applicable charges in accordance with the rules governing payments shall be MADE BY CASH / DEMAND DRAFT / CREDIT CARD ONLY. An additional charge of Rs.500/-per returned cheque shall be applicable towards administrative charges.
9.5.2. There will be a credit ceiling of Rs.8,OOO/- available to all members.ln the event of the outstanding at any point of time exceeding this amount, the member will be intimated and services will be suspended till the member restores his / her credit limit. (A.G.M. 27.06.2010)
9.6. Any complaints about discrepancies in the bill should be settled within 30 days of the bill. If for any reasons such discrepancies could not be settled within 30 days, a representation in writing may be made to the Honorary Secretary but only after paying in full the bill as raised.(E.G.M.- 02.04.1995)
9.7. Names of the members I who fail to settle their bills within 45 days from the date of the bill, will automatically go on Notice Board as overdue members. (E.G.M.-02.04.1995).At the end of 60 days from date of bill, members will be denied their privileges of membership. From the day a bill becomes overdue (i.e.) I 30 days from the date of the bill, an overdue charge of 10% of the bill for each period of 30 days or part there of shall be payable by the member. (E.G.M.-02.04.1995)
9.8. If a bill remains unpaid after 60 days from the date of the bill, the Honorary Secretary shall issue a membership termination notice giving 30 days notice. If no action is taken by the member to settle the bills, the membership will cease automatically. (E.G.M.-02.04.1995)
9.8.1. Any member who has defaulted in the payment of dues (delayed payment as per rules) for the third time in a calendar year will cease to be a Member of the Club. Delayed payments defined as payments made after 45 days from bill date in accordance with Rule 9.7 (A.G.M.-05.6.2005).
9.9. The membership shall be restored solely at the discretion of the managing committee on payment of non-refundable readmission fees of Rs.5000/- Plus Service Tax after settling the dues. (A.G.M.-29.06.2008)
9.10. A member whose membership has been terminated due to non-payment of dues shall be eligible for readmission with in a period of not more than three months from the date of termination. After the three months limit, the ceased member will have to reapply again for fresh membership. (A.G.M.-29.6.1997)
9.11. Resolved to restore the Minimum Billing of Rs. 200/- (Rupees-Two Hundred only) to be charged to the Members to provide for increase in the operational expenses and fixed costs even if the member is not using the club facilities during that month. (AGM 26.06.2012) .
9.12. The Minimum Monthly bill shall not be applicable to Senior Citizen members of more than 65 years age as on 1 st April of each year.
9.13. Any member who has defaulted in the payment of dues (delayed payment as per rules) shall clear his dues only by way of Demand Draft or Cash or Banker's cheque or credit card. (A.G.M. 4.6.2006).


10.1. Elected Members
Subject to the provisions of the rules and procedures for election of members to the Managing Committee of the Club, there shall be eight members elected by the General Body as follows: -
(a) President
(b) Hon. Secretary
(c) Hon. Treasurer
(d) Five Committee members. (A.G.M. 30-06-1996)

10.2. Nominated Members
Managing Committee shall nominate two members in addition to the elected members from: -
(a) Directors / Deans of the constituent colleges of the Anna University by the rotation amongst those who are members of Club.
(b) President of the Alumni Association (or federation of such associations)of one of the constituent colleges of Anna University by rotation amongst those who are members of the Club
The rotation cycle will be according to the seniority of the founding of the institutions.
10.3. Ex-officio Member
The Chairman, Sports Board of the University shall be the ex-officio member of the Managing Committee.
10.4. The term of office of all members for the Managing Committee shall be one year. The nominated members shall be on the Managing Committee only as long as they hold their official positions in their respective portfolios.
10.5. Elections and Eligibility Criteria for contestants to the Management Committee
10.5.1. The Managing Committee shall be elected by the General Body directly by an open / secret ballot as deemed fit from time to time by the General Body Meeting.
10.5.2. Minimum duration of membership for the contestants to the Managing Committee shall be three years , out of which two years of consecutive 'good standing' prior to elections is mandatory. The 'good standing' is purported to mean 'No disciplinary action taken against him'. The contestant shall also not be in arrears to the Club at the time of filing nomination.
10.5.3. The contestants for the posts of the President, Hon. Secretary and Hon. Treasurer should have served in the management committee for a minimum of one year in addition to conditions laid out in 105.2
The proposer and the seconder for the contestants should be members of good standing. Each eligible member can be only one of the following: -
(a) Proposer
(b) Seconder
(c) Contestant
(d) Polling Officer
(e) Returning Officer.

10.6. The Managing Committee members shall elect amongst themselves a Vice-president and such other officers as deemed necessary.
10.7. The election of the Managing Committee members and office bearers shall be conducted in such manner as their office will commence and terminate simultaneously. No members shall hold more than one office at a time.
10.8. Interim vacancies in the elected office bearers arising out of the Managing Committee membership ceasing to function for whatsoever be the reasons, the remaining members shall have the power to co-opt member(s) among themselves by re-adjusting to the vacancy (ies)and shall hold office till the expiry of the remaining term.
10.9. Interim vacancies arising on account of the other Managing Committee members ceasing to function for whatsoever the reasons, the vacancy(ies)so arisen shall be nominated by the Managing Committee and the member so elected shall hold office till the expiry of the remaining term.
10.10. The quorum for the Managing Committee shall be four committee members. For the purpose of ascertaining the quorum, the required strength of the members should be gathered with in half an hour of the appointed time from the commencement of the meeting. If the meeting fails for want of quorum, the meeting shall stand adjourned for a couple of hours on the same day and at the same place. For such adjourned meeting, neither the required notice period nor the quorum will be necessary. If for any reasons, the meeting so adjourned earlier need to be held at a different place and at a different time, then a notice to this effect shall be circulated among the committee members.
10.11. The Managing Committee shall be informed, whenever any office bearer is not available to perform the office he holds, facilitating the Committee to delegate the power to other office bearers to perform the absentees function's, without any interruptions in the day-to-day working of the Club.
10.12. A person shall cease to be a member of the Managing Committee if he ceases to be a member of the Club for whatsoever reason.
10.13. Any member of the Managing Committee not attending three consecutive meeting except for very valid reasons and who does not get leave of absence granted by the Managing Committee in respect thereof looses his committee membership and the vacancy will be filled by nomination as an interim measure by the Managing Committee.
10.14. A Committee called the Membership and Disciplinary Committee of not more than five persons shall be constituted from among members by the Managing Committee to: -
(a) Screen and recommend admission of new members to the Managing Committee.
(b) To inquire into any acts of dispute / discipline and recommend appropriate action to.


11.1. The Managing Committee of the Club shall carry out general policies as laid down by the General Body. The Managing Committee shall frame rules from time to time for running of the Club effectively.
11.2. The Managing Committee shall consider and recommend reports, statements of audited accounts and budget estimates of the Club for adoption and approval of the General Body.
11.3. The Managing Committee shall call for an Annual General Body Meeting and present a report of the Club's workings for the year for the approval of the General Body.
11.4. All statutory or other returns, statements, registers, as required either by the Government authorities or the Auditors or the Club, shall be prepared and submitted to the concerned authorities after the due approval of the Committee.
11.5. The Managing Committee may form other sub-committees such as finance, membership, programs, library, sports, ladies and children for carrying out other tasks. All such committees will cease to be effective once the Managing Committee appointing them is defunct.
11.6. The Managing Committee shall be answerable to the General Body of the membership for the efficient and proper management of the activities and financial functions of the Club . 11.7. The Managing Committee shall manage the finances of the Club, acquire movable and immovable property, make improvement to Club facilities, and ensure proper maintenance and upkeep of all Club facilities and properties.
11.8. The Managing Committee shall authorize the Treasurer of the Club to keep an impress of such sum as may be decided from time to time for contingency purposes of unforeseen items of expenditure. This may be recouped whenever necessity arises.
11.9. The Club shall be represented by the President or Secretary in all matters relating to the Club. In all matters of litigation, the Club shall be represented by the President .
11.10. The Managing Committee has the right to sanction the required staff, fix their salaries and appoint appropriate persons by fixing their service conditions. The Managing Committee will also be the authority to take major disciplinary action including dismissal of any staff, regulate the working hours of the Club and to make general rules for the effective and smooth functioning of the Club .
11.11. The Managing Committee has the right to terminate / disqualify the membership of any member.
(a) If there is default in payment of dues to the Club within the stipulated time.
(b) If there is persistent breach of Club rules.
(c) If he files a petition of insolvency or is adjudicated insolvent.
(d) If he is adjudged by a competent court to be of unsound mind.
(e) If he is convicted of an offence involving moral turpitude and
(f) For conduct unbecoming of a member.

In all such cases, an opportunity may be provided to the member concerned before action is taken.

11.12. The Managing Committee shall meet as often as needed but at least once a month. The Managing Committee Meeting shall also be held whenever the majority of the Managing Committee members give requisition in writing to call a meeting to the President / Secretary.
11.13. All Managing Committee meetings shall be called by the Secretary by giving notice of a minimum of seven days in advance to the Committee members; however, meeting at short notice can be convened under emergency situation.
11.14. All discussions held in the committee meetings shall be recorded in the minutes book maintained for the purpose.


12.1. President:
(a) The President shall be a member of the Managing Committee of the Club and shall preside over all the meetings of the Committee and general meetings and shall lead in all the deputations unless he delegates to other office bearers to do so.
(b) The President shall preside over the General Body Meeting and address the members on such subjects as he may deem proper to bring to their notice but such address shall not to be taken to represent the views of the association or the committee unless such representation is expressly indicated.
(c)The President shall also at any time he deems proper to communicate to the Club or to the committee such matter and shall make such suggestions as may, in his opinion, and to promote the prosperity and welfare and increase the usefulness of the Club and shall perform such other duties as may be incidental to the office of the President.
12.2. Vice-President:
In the absence of the President, the Vice-President shall exercise all the powers of the President and shall assist the President in all the matters.
12.3. Secretary:
(a) The Secretary shall be the Business Director of the Club and shall carry on all correspondences on behalf of the Club and execute all the decisions taken in the meetings.
(b) The Secretary shall issue notice to all the meetings and shall maintain the records of the Minutes of all such meetings.
(c) The Secretary shall carry out any other duties as may be entrusted by the Managing Committee.
12.4. Treasurer:
(a) The Treasurer shall maintain Accounts books, Bank Accounts, Vouchers, Receipt books and other related records.
(b) The Treasurer is authorized to make payment and obtain receipts of all monthly dues to the employed personnel and other regular expenditure as agreed to in the various meetings and also to honour the payments as approved by the President. Every expenditure shall have the approval of the President.
(c) The Treasurer shall issue receipts for all the sums received and account in the Books of Accounts.
(d) The Treasurer shall prepare Statements of Annual Return, Income & Expenditure Account and other related statements as may be required by the statutory authorities and for the Club.


13.1. The accounting year of the Club shall be from 1 sl April to 31 st March for every year.
13.2. The Committee shall prepare proper books of accounts to be kept with respect to all the sums of money received and expended by the Club and assets and liabilities of the Club.
13.3. The books of accounts shall be kept in the custody of the Treasurer and shall be kept open for inspection at any time, subject to availability of Treasurer.
13.4. The Club shall at the General Body Meeting appoint a practicing Charted Accountant as the Auditor to hold office until the next Annual General Body Meeting.
13.5. The Accounts of every accounting year shall be examined and the correctness there of ascertained by the auditors, who shall make a report to the General Body on the accounts examined by him on the Balance Sheet and Income and Expenditure Account laid before the Annual General Body Meeting during his tenure of office. Every account, when audited and approved by the General Body Meeting, shall be conclusive except with regard to discrepancies that are discovered within that period, the accounts shall forthwith be corrected and thenceforth shall be conclusive.
13.6. The Secretary shall submit in the Annual General Body Meeting a report of all the activities done by the Club during the year, Balance Sheet containing a summary of assets and liabilities of the Club. Income and Expenditure, Receipts and Payments duly audited for the year and also signed jointly by the President, Secretary and Treasurer of the Club.
13.7. A copy of the Annual Report and finance statement mentioned above shall be sent to every member 21 days prior to Annual General Body Meeting.


14.1. The funds of the Club shall be invested in one or more Nationalized/Schedule /Co-operative banks and in other investments approved under Income Tax Act, 1961, as may be decided by the Managing Committee.
14.2. The Bank Account (s) shall be operated by any of the two office bearers viz., President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer, jointly.


15.1. Annual General Body Meeting
(a) A General Body Meeting shall be held once in a year not later than six months after the expiry of each accounting year, which is called an Annual General Body Meeting.
(b) The following business shall be transacted in the above meeting:-

To adopt the Club's Annual Balance Sheet and Auditor's Report of the preceding year.
To elect Managing Committee members.
To appoint Auditors and fix their remuneration.
To transact any other business which may be brought forward by the Committee of any member with the leave of the President and / or which have been duly noticed and placed on the agenda by the Committee as herein before provided.

(c) The quorum for all the General Body Meeting whether annual or Extra-ordinary, shall be 25 members entitled to vote.
(d) Notice of every such General Body Meeting shall be given to all the members 21 days prior to t he date of the meeting. The notice shall also be displayed on the Notice Board of the Club.


16.1 An Extra ordinary General Body Meeting may be requisitioned by the Management Committee or on requisition by at least 10% of the eligible members same as for voting eligibility being. Notice of every such meeting shall be given to all members 21 days prior to the date of such meeting (27.06.1999)


17.1 A Special or Ordinary resolution is resolution passed by a simple majority of the members of the Club entitled to vote and who are present in person at a General Body Meeting for which a notice of not less than 15 days specifying the intention to pass the resolution has been duly given. A Special resolution is required for the following subjects: -
(a) To amend the objects of Memorandum of Association mentioned therein.
(b) To amend the bye-laws of the Club.
(c) Such other business as may be recommended by the Managing Committee.(27.06.1999)

18.0 VOTE

18.1. Every member present at the meeting in person shall have one vote, subject to such member not being disqualified as per the clause 11.11.
18.2. Each member of the Managing Committee including the President other than nominated members and ex-officio member shall have one vote. In case of a tie, the President shall, in addition to his own vote, have a casting vote. There shall be no proxy.


19.1. All facilities available shall be used by the members subject to rules framed for the purpose by the Managing Committee.
19.2. If at any time, the Club is wound up, all assets of the Club will be handed over to Anna University without any compensation to any party, except in the matter of discharge of the liabilities of the Club, lawfully incurred.
19.3. Copies of the bye-laws shall be sent by the Club to every member at his request on payment of a sum of Rupee Ten for such copy. (A.G.M.25-06-2000)
19.4. Any amendment to the Memorandum of Association and Bye-laws will be carried out only with the approval of the Commissioner of Income Tax.
19.5. For matters not mentioned or specifically mentioned in this Bye -laws, the provisions of the Tamil Nadu Societies Registration Act, 1975 and rules made hereunder will apply.
19.6. Singing inside the club premises is strictly prohibited.


Only a member is allowed to hold a party inside the club premises or only a member can book any
one of the conference halls for parties. And the member should be present during the party.

1. The charges as applicable for the various halls would be for a period of four hours and capacity of the party halls are as follows: -

Conference hall (A)

Rs 3500.00
4 hours
  • 150 Seating Capacity

Conference hall (B)

Rs 1750.00
4 hours
  • 50 Seating Capacity

Conference hall (C)

Rs 1750.00
4 hours
  • 50 Seating Capacity

Hegde Hall

Rs 1750.00
4 hours
  • 50 Seating Capacity

Upper Deck

Rs 750.00
4 hours
  • 40 Seating Capacity

If all the three sections are required charges will be Rs. 6000/-
2. All parties are to close by 10.30 p.m. There will be no service after 10.30 p.m and the last order is to be placed by 10.15 p.m.
3. Booking for parties are to be made in the requiste form (copy enclosed) with an advance of 50 % of the estimated cost for confirmation of the booking. In case of cancellation 30% of the hall charges, catering charges and charges for other special arrangements as requested, will be collected as cancellation charges. Cancellation is acceptable only upto 24 hrs before the party after which the cancellation charges are to be paid in full.
4. A-Ia- carte menu or fixed menu can be ordered. [Fixed Menu only Vegetarian]
5. Minimum decibel level is to be maintained without any disturbance to other members in the club.DJ is strictly prohibited.
6. Outside food, snacks, short eats of any nature are not permitted in any of the party area.
7. Corkage charges will be charged for alcoholic beverages being brought from outside @ Rs 175 per bottle ,full of part thereof
8. Guests of members attending parties should use only the designated areas meant for the party. Using of other facilities or places ot the club is strictly prohibited.
9. Smoking is prohibited except in the designated area.
10. Decorative items, special effects, sticking of placards, display of photos, write ups etc. on the walls and doors can be used if required at designated places only
11. All special requirements for food, decoration, etc should be routed only through club office.
12. Party halls and open areas where party is being held is totally prohibited for Political gatherings and meetings, Ritual functions, Religious functions will not be entertained in the party hall and open areas of the club.
13. Any damage to the property of the club in the party area by the member and the guests will be charged on to the Dill.
14. Bills for the parties are to be settled immediately on the same day of party, either by way of cash or cheque or credit card. On no account credit will be given to anyone.
15. The member shall be solely responsible for the behaviour and conduct of all the guest attending the party.
16. Guests coming for parties should park their vehicles outside the club premises only.
17. In case of emergency or exigencies the club holds the right to cancel the party .
18. A copy of these rules & regulations is to be signed by the member holding a party as an acceptance to abide by the rules & regulations.
19. The management committee's decision is final and binding on all matters related to parties.

SIGNED:________________ By Order of the
MEMBER NAME____________: MEMBER NUMBER:__________ Management Committee.


Member Name: Date:
Member Number:
Party on: Time: To
Party Venue:
No. of persons:
Alcoholic beverages Order:
Food Order:
Contact Number:
Other Instructions:
Note: Registration of any party is valid only when 50% of the estimated bill value is paid in advance at the time of booking.
Please settle the party bill at the end of party by Cash/ Cheque/ Card
Cor parking facility is not available inside the club premises for party guests. Member shall inform his / her guests accordingly.
Cancellation charges shall be applicable as per prevailing rules if parties are cancelled less than 24 hours before the party time

Advance amount: Rs Signature of the Member

Receipt No. and date:


1.Guest rooms are for the usage of members of Alumni club, Anna University faculty and their guests.
2. Rooms can be booked only by members for their personal stay or stay by their authorized guests.
3. Rooms can be booked only by a written requisition letter from member or bye-mail to the club office club will confirm room booking by mail.
4. The tariff for rooms & suite will be as applicable from time to time as decided by the Club authorities. The charges will be the same for either single or double occupancy. Children below 12 years will not be charged extra.
5. In case of cancellation of booking cancellation charges will be applicable as per prevailing rules
6. An ID card will be issued on allotment of rooms to all room guests for identifications purposes for entering the club and using the various facilities.
7. All rules and regulations of the club will be applicable for guests in the room and the timings of our club for usage of various facilities / services will be applicable
8. All bills should be settled during check out time by way of cash or Demand draft or credit card only. Cheques are not accepted. NO CREDIT WILL BE ALLOWED.
9. Permit room bills are to be settled immediately. They will not be added to the room bills.
10. Guests may use the restaurant services for lunch or dinner, and pay the bills at the service table. [KINDLY USE ROOMS KEYS or ID CARD FOR IDENTIFICATION].
11. All other services like sports and room service catering bills will be added on to final room bill.
12. Tourist taxi bills, travel ticket bills and Laundry bills are to be settled directly to the agents by the guest immediately.
13. Internet connection will be charged @ Rs. 50/- per hour.
14. Local calls can be made through the EPABX in the reception and will be charged @ Rs. 3/- per call per 3 minutes
15. Guests from Anna University will have to produce a letter from the registrar of Anna University to avail the guest rooms.
16. The club management will not be responsible for the safety of the valuables kept in the room or left behind.
17. In all matters concerning the guest rooms the decision of the management committee will be final and binding.


1. Restaurant timing: 11 am to 3 p.m, 6.00 pm to 10.30 p.m, Last order - 2.45 pm and 10.15 p.m, members should vacate the restaurants by 10.30 p.m.
2. Outside food / snacks of any form is not allowed.
3. Wearing of half shorts is not allowed.
4. Smoking is strictly prohibited.
5. Minimum decibel levels to be maintained without disturbance to others. Singing isstrictly prohibited.
6. All kots are to be signed by the members while placing the orders and bills signed after completion.
7. Corkage charges of Rs.125 /- will be levied on a!coholic beverages (in part or in full)being brought from outside and consumed.
8. Surcharge of 10% for air conditioning will be charged on any snacks/food being served in restaurants.
9. A gathering of more than 9 guests of a member, will be considered as a party only, and rules of party will be applicable.
10. For all matters of dispute & clarification the management committee's decision is final and binding.
11. Cell phone usage is strictly prohibited in restaurants.

By order of the

Management Committee.


1. Timing : 11 am to 3 pm, 6 pm to 10.30 pm
Last order : 2.45 pm & 10.15 pm respectively.
Weekends & public holidays : 11 am to 10.30 pm.
Last order : 10.15 p.m
Members should vacate the permit room by 10.30 p.m.
2. The permit room will be closed on designated holidays declared by the government. Such as
Thiruvalluvar day, Miladi Nabi, Gandhi Jayanthi, Mahaveer Jayanthi and any other holidays if added by
the government in future. Bringing of alcoholic beverages from outside for consumption or consuming
them on these days at any place in the club is prohibited.
3. Children below the age of 21 years are not allowed inside the permit room.
4. Wearing of half shorts is not allowed.
5. Only snacks supplied by the club are allowed for consumption. Outside food or snacks are not allowed
6. Corkage charges of Rs.125/- will be levied on alcoholic beverages (in part or in full) being brought
from outside and consumed in the club premises.
7. KOT for any order (Liquor/ snacks) is to be necessarily signed by the member before it is served.
8. Smoking is strictly prohibited.
9. Cell phone usage is strictly prohibited inside the permit room.
10. Minimum decibel levels to be maintained without disturbance to others. singing is stricty prohibited.
11. Air conditioning surcharge of 10% will be charged on any snacks being consumed in the permit room.
12. All bills for liquor are to be settled immediately by cash/ credit card before leaving the permit room.
13. Alcoholic beverages will be served only in designated areas in the club.
14. For all matters of dispute & clarification the management committee's decision is final and binding.

By order of the

Management Committee.


1. Library timings are from 6.00 p.m. to 9.00 p.m
2. Members can borrow a maximum of 4 books at a time and keep them for a period up to 15 days.
3. Members are requested to handle the books with utmost care and ensure return in the same condition
4. Strict silence should be observed by members while using the library.
5. The library will remain closed on Sunday
1. The timings will be from 6.00 p.m. to 9.00 p.m.
2. Usage is chargeable on hourly basis and the rates can be ascertained from the office.
3. Browsing of objectionable material is strictly prohibited and any violation of this code will invite disciplinary action.

WARD IDENTITY CARD - Terms & Conditions

1. The term ward, wherever it occurs in this context shall mean only the children of the member.
2. WIC is issued only to the DEPENDENT WARD of the member. The dependency status of the ward is accepted by the club, based on the self declaration by the member as per the standard format available with the club
3. The member is required to submit a written APPLICATION addressed to the secretary enclosing the above - mentioned SELF DECLARATION. Copies of recent passport size photograph of each the wards with respective signatures on the front side of the photograph to be affixed on the application.
4. The management committee reserve the right to accept or reject an application, based on the own perusal of the application without assigning any reason therefore.
5. A non-refundable "SERVICE FEE" of Rs.1 00/- for each WIC to be paid along with application.
6. The WIC is valid for one year from the date of issue and is renewable for a similar period further, if the ward continues to be eligible on surrendering the expired WIC.
7. In the case of lost or mutilated WIC,a duplicate card will be issued against specific request from the member• along with a service fee of Rs. 100/- the validity of such duplicate card will be expiring on the same data as the of the original WIC.
8. This WIC is not transferrable and is meant only for personal use by the ward for whom it has been issued.
9. Entry to the club, parking of vehicles in the club parking area and availing of any facility or service within the club are by the production of WIC , on demand.
10. Wards may enjoy all the available services in the club by the signing the KOT like the regular members. WIC is not valid for the supply of alcoholic drinks. KOT signing with the consent letter from parents.
11. WIC is not valid for environment guest.
12. Settlement of bills on the WIC is the responsibility of the members to whom the WIC has been issued.
13. The ward automatically loses it validity if the member to whom it has been issued suffers suspension or termination of membership from the club.
14. The member shall be responsible for any misuse of the ward. if unauthorized use, breach of discipline and non adherence of the club regulation by the ward.
15. WIC is only a privilege extended to the WARDS of the members of the club and does not extent or purport to extend any other rights or privileges to the wards to whom the club is neither responsible nor accountable.
16. The general rules & regulations of the club apply wherever unspecified for WIC.